Laporta thanked Lewan for having a heart and accepting

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Barcelona president Joan Laporta admits the current situation is very difficult. To sign with Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski

Lewandowski has made it clear he wants to leave Bayern this summer. Although there is still a contract at the Allianz Arena for another season And in mind the desire to join the Barcelona ufabet team from various media reports. Important obstacles besides Barcelona’s financial problems during this period, Bayern also set a selling price for Lewandowski at least 60 million euros. Because the team won the Bundesliga last season. come Want to keep the Polish center forward for the final year of his contract in the 2022-23 season.

“Lewandowski is a Bayern player, and I would like to keep my stance on this as before.”

“We thank him for wanting to come to Barcelona and we are delighted,” Laporta said.

As for Leeds United’s Brazilian winger Rafinha, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Barcelona, ​​too, as rivals offer better offers. Even the players want to move to Camp Nou

“We have spoken to Leeds and I don’t think there is any aggression. We have contact. What happened is that there are other clubs who want Rafinha and they are making an offer,” Laporta said.