Rafinha, staying at Leeds United or moving to Barcelona

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According to ESPN, Rafinha has only two options for the future: staying at Leeds United or moving to Barcelona. Rafinha chooses to stay in Leeds or go to Barça only

         The Brazil international is set to leave the club. This summer amid interest from clubs. Including Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Barcelona. 

         Although Rafinha did not reveal the future clearly. But it has been report that the news agency told Deco that there is little interest in moving to “Sing the Blues”.

         ESPN claims that Rafinha wants to stay at Elland football. The next road if not moving to Barcelona, ​​which is facing financial problems. Which is ready to wait for the winter market and then move the ufabet team again 

         However, the famous journalist Gerard Romeno said. The club has agreed a fee with Leeds at a price of 60 million euros, with the player earning a salary of 6 million euros per year. 

Raphinha in particular has maintained a discreet silence on the matter but has made it clear he would prefer to move to Barcelona out of the two interested parties.

The difference in opinions has brought Raphinha’s prospective transfer to a standstill, although both parties have been careful not to go public with their stances.