Benefits of safflower and the dangers of safflower

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Safflower  is in the Compositae family, which is the same family as Chrysanthemum. And I believe that many people have already heard the name because it is currently used as an ingredient. Safflower tea, safflower oil that can help nourish the skin, or dietary supplements Because it is an herb with many properties such as helping with metabolism, nourishing the blood, nourishing the heart, nourishing the nerves, and preventing diabetes. It also helps delay aging. Make your skin healthy Especially suitable for women.

Benefits of safflower : Report by โปรโมชั่น ufabet

  • Reduce fat in the blood vessels Prevents fat from clogging arteries
  • Nourishes the nerves and calms the nerves Helps relax the brain to sleep comfortably.
  • Prevent high blood pressure Increase efficiency in blood circulation throughout the body
  • Nourish blood, break up blood clots
  • Nourishes the heart, helping blood flow to nourish the heart even more.
  • Treating postpartum fever in mothers
  • Cure cold and runny nose
  • Nourishes women’s menstrual blood.
  • Inhibits viruses and bacteria
  • Reduce blood sugar levels

The dangers of safflower

Although is an herb with almost universal properties, But there are still precautions to be taken before eating as well. Safflower is often used as an ingredient in herbal medicine. By grouping them together to use with medicine. or other plants Will not use safflower alone. Because it must be used in the right amount. Otherwise, it may affect the blood system.

If you eat too much safflower or have been in contact for too long May result in anemia. Which causes fatigue, tiredness, dizziness. Or it may cause abnormal menstrual blood to flow.

In addition, who is taking medicine? or receiving treatment for a disease related to blood clots or are currently taking medicine to dissolve blood clots You should not eat safflower. Because it will increase the breakdown of blood clots so that it is too effective and may cause harm to the body.