Nomophobia, mobile phone addiction, a popular disease of the digital age.

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Nomophobia, mobile phone addiction. In the digital world where everything is convenient, you can talk with friends, read articles, follow social movements. or even order food This is often done through a mobile phone or smartphone, making the mobile phone like the 33rd organ of many people. It is both a tool that is used to survive. Find information and knowledge and kill free time Although smartphones are a technology that can answer almost every problem in life in the digital age, But everything has benefits. And the penalty if we use it too much Not even a smartphone If the symptoms become addicted then it can lead to the disease Nomophobia.

Symptoms indicating addiction to mobile phones (Nomophobia) to the point of ruining your health : Report by สมัคร ufabet

Can’t sleep

Light from a bright mobile phone or tablet screen Affects the secretion of the hormone “melatonin” that helps regulate sleep. This is because the release of such hormones is highly dependent on light. Playing with your mobile phone before going to bed therefore affects your sleep as well.

Macular degeneration

Blue light from smartphone screens can damage the retina, leading to macular degeneration. The formula used to care for eye health is 20-20-20, whereby you look at a screen for just 20 minutes, then rest your eyes for 20 seconds and look at something 20 feet away from yourself to relieve fatigue from using your eyes.

Neck pain

Most of the time when looking down at the phone screen to type various messages. People tend to bend their necks around 60 degrees, which is an inappropriate position. Because it can cause neck pain if you bend over for a long time.

Aggressive behavior

People who are addicted to using mobile phones and don’t use them when they want. They often become irritated and aggressive because they don’t get what they want. This is often found in children who are addicted to playing games on their smartphones.


Using your smartphone to connect to social media Resulting in being distracted. Because instead of focusing on getting one thing done Having to worry about the various notification sounds that come in to the point of losing focus.

Numbness in arms and hands 

Cellphone Elbow symptoms are pain, numbness or tingling in the forearms and hands. from holding a smartphone with the arm bent at a narrow angle of more than 90 degrees for too long If not corrected, it may cause muscle weakness. Or there may be a frozen joint in the ring finger and little finger.


Using a smartphone for a long time Will result in more radiation from the phone waves being emitted as well. This radiation affects the nervous system and causes side effects. That is, headaches, migraine pain, or in some cases, there may be more severe symptoms.