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How to clean a washing machine

Did you know that the washing machine that we use regularly. There may be various dirt and stains hidden. Especially if you have used it for many years and have never cleaned the washing machine, it may cause this stain to become so deep that it

Nomophobia, mobile phone addiction, a popular disease of the digital age.

Nomophobia, mobile phone addiction. In the digital world where everything is convenient, you can talk with friends, read articles, follow social movements. or even order food This is often done through a mobile phone or smartphone, making the mobile phone like the 33rd organ of many people.

Sugar from fruit More dangerous to health than you think

For those who are overweight or those who want to lose weight. You should choose to eat fruits that have a flavor that is not too sweet. That is, there is little sugar content. Especially in diabetic patients or those who want to control their blood sugar levels. You

Benefits of safflower and the dangers of safflower

Safflower  is in the Compositae family, which is the same family as Chrysanthemum. And I believe that many people have already heard the name because it is currently used as an ingredient. Safflower tea, safflower oil that can help nourish the skin, or dietary supplements Because it is an